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The Importance of a Customer Centric Culture

Now, its not rocket science to know that customer satisfaction is paramount in any business. An unhappy customer is far more likely to spread the word than a happy one.

If you look at TripAdvisor there is no end to the “tasteless meals” or the “shabby hotels” reviewed, however when you see the 5-star review and the happy smiling faces of holiday makers and bon viveurs’ you will probably also read “the staff were exceptional, so friendly, they made our visit very special”.

This also applies to the business world and although, as a company like Forth where we deal with data and customer mailings, we can’t improve the food or clean the rooms more thoroughly we can make sure that we surround ourselves with a great team who know how to keep a customer, a happy customer (of course we are reliable, prompt and efficient).

Forth Mailing Solutions have even recently been given the Best Customer Service Award for Professional Business Services at the Bangor Business Awards, and many of our Clients in Edinburgh have been with us for over 10 years saying that the people were a big reason for their loyalty. We can even apply data to record the actual knock on effects customer satisfaction or lack of has.

OK get ready, this is a long paragraph and spell check didn’t like it but…

Take, for example, the waiting time at your local A&E department which can have massive repercussions. The longer the wait time, the more dissatisfaction with the hospital you have resulting in a lack of faith in the hospital, resulting in you going to your GP for cases that should be seen at the hospital, more time is then taken up by the GP who will ultimately send you to back to the local A&E department which will effect the stats for the efficiency of GP’s and their practice, which leads to a policy review at Westminster, which in turn costs money that could be better spent in the NHS to improve the A&E department waiting times in the first place.

And breathe… but you get my drift

The same philosophy can be applied to your business. It certainly applies to our business at Forth mailing solutions. We know that the happier the customer the better the reputation and the better the reputation the more clients you will get and the more… anyway you see where I am going

Smiling while you are working helps. I am smiling right now.




Jamie McBride
Head of Marketing

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