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5 Ways you can use transactional direct mail in your business

Almost every business will make use of transactional direct mail.

While direct mail is a broad term that covers a wide range of actions, transactional direct mail is one to one generated communication with an individual.

At the heart of transactional direct mail is data, it is your data on your customers that allows you to create powerful transactional mailings.

At Forth we are experts in taking your data and using it to drive your communications.

Here are just a few ways in which transactional mailing can help your business.

1 Invoices

It goes without saying that direct mail invoicing is critical to many businesses. Unlike an email invoice, paper invoices are more difficult to ignore or ‘accidentally’ be considered spam. A well laid out paper invoice, clearly stating what items have been invoiced, at what cost, with clear payment terms has a tremendous impact.

2 Account statements

Account statements often include itemised breakdowns of payments made against services used as well as money in hand. While they may sound similar to invoices, statements provide a customer with an overview of their relationship with your business. Transactional direct mail is ideal in these situations, as it offers a snapshot at a particular time which can be stored, unlike a digital record which is likely to continually updating.

3 Debt or collection notices

Similar to invoices, transactional mail is often used for debt collection purposes because it is harder to ignore. Where an email can be left unopened or avoided entirely, it is much harder to ignore an urgent letter demanding urgent action.

4 Changes to Terms & Conditions

On occasion, businesses need to make alterations or additions to their terms and conditions with their customers or employees. Transactional direct mail provides an ideal platform for this, as it allows you to provide a physical copy of the updated terms and conditions which is much harder to ignore.

You may require the recipient to sign and return to acknowledge the amendments as well, but businesses will have a duty of care to make sure their customers are aware of any changes.

5 Welcome packs

Welcome packs are not only crucial marketing tools employed by a lot of businesses, they are generally used to confirm commencement of a business relationship. As this is normally a business’s first direct mailing to a customer, it sets their expectations for future communications.

As a transactional mailing project they generally require presentation of lots of customer data and is important that the data used is accurate and well presented.

Using a data communications partner

These examples are just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to transactional direct mail. It is important that when you are undertaking any direct mailing activity that it aligns with your organisation and marketing strategy.

Forth Communications offers expert data centric mailing solutions with bespoke account management to ensure you get the most out of your customer communications. We also hold ISO accreditations in data security for your peace of mind. Talk to an expert today.



Jamie McBride
Head of Marketing

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