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3 Things to Keep in Mind When Designing Your Direct Mail Communications

When you make the decision to incorporate direct mail as a part of your overall marketing strategy, there are important considerations you should take into account when designing your message.

In all marketing activities, your efforts will only be effective if your message and offer are clear to your recipient. There is no one size fits all approach to crafting a marketing message, trying to do so can leave your audience bored, uninterested and ultimately much less likely to engage with your content.

Armed with your buyer personas and having defined your audience, however, you can craft a message that is likely to reach an audience on a deeper more personal level.

Let’s Get Physical

The impact of the physical nature of your mailing campaign is worth keeping in mind when crafting your message.

Recent research conducted by Royal Mail Marketreach showed that people place value in things that are tangible, with reports showing that they place 24% more value in them.

There is also an emotional reaction to receiving mail, with 38% of respondents saying that the physical properties of mail influence how they feel about the sender. This is something to bear in mind when considering the production value of your piece of mail – high-quality material can reinforce your brand values in a deep and intuitive way.

Don’t Overcrowd

Whether you’re sending a postcard or designing a more complex leaflet drop for your direct mail campaign, make sure you don’t fall into the easy trap of trying to fit too much into the available space – which is naturally much more limited than on many digital channels.

This is a critical mistake and one that is all too easy to make. If you try and cram too much into a small space you’re likely to confuse your recipient and your hard work is going to end up in the bin.

Keeping your layout simple, your message snappy and direct, and your instructions clear is key.

Dazzle them

Keep your design visually interesting. The right picture can boost your message, whether it is a professional picture or an illustration. Having visual assets on your content that draws people in is a key way to make your collateral stand out, and your entire message much more likely to be engaged with and acted upon.

To have a discussion about your next direct marketing campaign and how best to craft your mailing, why not get in touch with our experts.


Jamie McBride
Head of Marketing

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