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Forth Renews Stage 2 Financial Service Qualification System (FSQS) Qualification

We are delighted to announce that we have successfully renewed our Stage 2 Financial Services Qualification System (FSQS) Certification.

What is the Financial Service Qualification System – FSQS?

FSQS is a common register of standardised, validated, structured and comprehensive vendor/third party information. A cross-sector collaborative solution which reduces the time, cost, resource and duplication currently incurred by suppliers in providing information to financial institutions.

FSQS objectively assesses potential vendor risks, proportionally to products and services being provided and across areas of compliance, providing an efficient and effective means for third parties to provide their information to multiple banks and insurance clients. The qualification system also helps introduce responsible business practices, through due diligence and collaboration with multiple financial institutions within a regulated sector.

Forth Communication and FSQS

We understand that as the regulated environment becomes more complex there is an increasing need, for a simple and standard mechanism for collecting and managing supplier compliance assurance information across the financial sector.

Forth Communication holds the Stage 2 FSQS Qualification, and has been assessed in the following areas:

“We’re delighted to have successfully renewed our Stage 2 FSQS Qualification.

The due diligence already undertaken through FSQS gives the financial sector more streamlined access to our customer communication solutions. Meeting the rigorous standards required for Helios’ supplier certification, demonstrates our commitment to compliance, security and best practice not only to the financial sector, but should inspire confidence to clients in all sectors.”

  • Andrew O’Driscoll

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Erik Stenersen
Business Process Analyst

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