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Royal Mail to decertify standard franking machines

Royal Mail has released information that it is to decertify standard franking machines and will no longer accept mail franked on these machines from 1st January 2023.

Royal Mail will be completely migrating to the Mailmark 2D barcode technology and are issuing notifications to all companies who use standard franking machines. Mail not franked with a Mailmark barcode after this period will not be delivered and returned to sender.

This will affect all large and small companies who currently use a standard franking machine. It will also affect the public sector including those who have various sized machines in their offices to more sophisticated mailroom systems.

At Forth, we already use the new Mailmark barcode system. This means we will be able to help companies who no longer want to have their own franking machines or do not wish update their current machine. This may also be the perfect opportunity to switch to a hybrid mail communication system, which Forth can help with using our expert team and industry leading For-Mail technology.

Partnering with Forth could reduce the time and cost of finding the correct contract for your business, overselling, rental fees, topping up the postage and label and ink supplies plus other hidden costs. Using the new Royal Mail Mailmark system we can help make sure your mailings are handled as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

Speak to one of our experts now on how we can help with your communication needs.


Laura Grace
Content Marketing Executive

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