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Cyber Essential Accreditation

We are delighted to announce that Forth now has a Cyber Essentials accreditation. This will sit next to our ISO 27001:2013 Data Security accreditation to demonstrate that our systems are secure and protected against cyber-attacks, keeping customer and client data as secure as can be.

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed security accreditation which puts in frameworks to guard against cyber threats, shows commitment to cyber security and protects businesses from internet-based threats more effectively. There are 5 main technical controls the framework focuses on related to cyber security.

  • Using firewalls to secure your internet connection  
  • Choosing the most secure settings for devices and software  
  • Controlling who has access to data and services  
  • Protecting against viruses and other malware  
  • Keeping devices and software up to date 

The accreditation provides guidance on how these frameworks should be implemented and keeping devices and data safe from common security attacks.

What are the benefits for our clients?

With cyber attacks increasing and becoming more sophisticated, it is fundamental that data security is embedded within Forth’s systems and processes to ensure and that client data is efficiently protected.  

Achieving this accreditation provides new and existing clients the reassurance and confidence that Forth takes cyber security seriously with the promise that effective measures are in place

Andrew Williams, Information Technology and Security Manager

The Cyber Essentials accreditation our clients can be reassured that our systems are protected against cyber-attacks and that our security is at the highest level that it can be keeping customer and client data safe. 

Our on-going data security and our continual system improvements, we offer the very best end-to-end data and communication solutions.

Contact our experts now to find out more about our services and how we can securely help your company with your integrated communication projects with the reassurance of our recognised accreditations. 


Laura Grace
Content Marketing Executive

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