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The importance of Returned Mail, Goneaway Services and Data Capture.

According to Royal Mail statistics, 4% of direct mail sent by businesses doesn’t reach their customers. That means not only have you wasted precious time, effort and money to create a mailing campaign that might not be received, but also important information may be potentially lost that you need your customers to know about.

At Forth we recognise the importance of returned mail, goneaway services and data capture in reducing the cost and wastage of direct mailing. By including these services in our offerings, we make sure that data is recorded and sent back to our clients to help companies achieve the highest possible reach with their customers.


Returned Mail

There are a number of reasons mail might not get to its perspective recipient and be returned back to a company. These include:

  • The addressee has moved and not updated their details
  • The addressee has passed away
  • The address is wrong or incomplete so cannot be delivered
  • The mailing cannot be physically delivered
  • The addressee no longer wishes to receive mail from the company

Having mail returned and trying to understand why can often become time consuming and difficult to manage.

If the reasons for returned mail aren’t recorded properly companies run the risk of repeatedly wasting money on marketing campaigns by sending mail to the wrong address, missing regular customers or annoying potential customers. Worse still, if a deceased recipient is not recorded correctly the upset repeated mail may cause to their family and the lost reputation of the company may be immeasurable.


Goneaway services

With Forth’s goneaway services, returned mail is sent back to us using a unique return address. Once we have received the mail, using a client’s specific specifications we can process the mail to determine why the mail was returned. This also means, that any confidential information that was sent to a customer can be disposed of securely and recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.

This service is invaluable when a company needs to provide registered proof that obligations have been met through contacting customers, even when mailings do not reach their intended recipient.


Data Capture

Using barcode scanning technology, a wide variety of data can be captured depending on what the client needs to know. This could include, but is not limited to:

  • Name and address
  • Unique customer codes
  • Mailing campaign information
  • Mailing date
  • Reasons for return

This captured information can then be matched back and analysed against the original data a company sends to produce detailed reports, cleanse databases and keep all records up-to-date.

Data capture is the perfect way to keep track of marketing campaigns and to provide customer insights which can then be used to follow up leads with better customer communication and targeted mail outs.


What are the benefits of data capture and returns management

There are many benefits in using this style of data capture and returns management service for our clients. The key benefits are:

  • Cost savings through cleaner databases
  • Protecting brand image and increasing customer satisfaction
  • Reduces waste and carbon footprint
  • Improved up-to-date customer information that is easy to access
  • Saving your team time and resources while improving future projects and campaigns

Using machine-readable barcodes means Forth can provide evidence that every pack has been printed, enclosed, sorted, dispatched, and reported on as required, and goneaways are captured.

What this means for clients is an above-average ROI on well-executed direct mail campaigns. These can either be managed individually or in conjunction with digital channels, to align and reinforce your message seamlessly.

Combined with these benefits and our expertise on data capture and returns management, our clients have the added security that Forth has numerous international quality and security standards. We are accredited with ISO 9001 quality management, ISO 27001 security management and the Government backed Cyber Essentials meaning that all the data we capture and handle is protected by cyber-attacks by our systems. Forth has also achieved an ISO 14001 environmental management accreditation meaning we can demonstrate our commitment to improving environmental performance through efficient waste management.

For more information on returned mail, goneaway services and data capture and how Forth can produce significant results for your company contact one of our experts now.


Laura Grace
Content Marketing Executive

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