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3 stages to planning a successful Direct Mail campaign

When planning a successful all-round communication campaign, it is necessary to add direct mail into your strategy. Direct mail campaigns not only boost message reach to your customers but also recent findings from JICMail have found that there is a 32% growth in mail effectiveness year-on-year.

There are 3 main stages to consider when planning a successful campaign and we will take you through each section so you can identify what you will need to do:


As with any good campaign, preparation is key to making sure your communication hits the mark. Make sure you know what you want your message to say and what goals and objectives you want to hit with the campaign. Think about what the main purposes of the campaign are; do you want to use the campaign to raise your sales, increase business leads, communicate important information or increase awareness? Knowing what your goals are will help you measure the success of your campaign and help you to tailor your next communication to produce even better results.

You also need to think about your customers and if the communication is correct for that type of audience. Think about your demographics and the target market who will be receiving the direct mail. You will need to consider if you have the correct data for your audience, do you have their names and addresses and if not who on your team will be able to gather this information? If your resources are tight for gathering this information there are third party organisations like Forth, that can help with checking through data and cleansing contacts that you may not want to receive certain campaigns.


Once you have properly prepared your direct mail campaign, you can now go about implementing it. Knowing exactly what you want to say is fundamental. Make sure it is simple to understand, clear to read and if you want your communication to create a response ensure your calls to action are highlighted and clear.

You will also need to think about the best format for your communication. Will a brochure work better or a leaflet? Or can you say all you need to with a personalised letter? Also, will you need to integrate other channels with your mail campaign. Do you want to follow up your mail campaign with an email or do you want to direct your audience to your website or social media and if so, will you need to include a QR code?

Consider where you are directing people to and if you need to create a specific landing page. Having a campaign landing page helps to measure response rates and will determine whether your campaign has been successful. Also think about whether your website is conveying the same message as what you have sent out to your customers. Making sure all your platforms are showing the same communication is paramount for building trust and keeping consistency across your brand.

Making sure you have considered how people will engage with your message means your campaign will be more successful.

Measuring Success

Your audience has been chosen, your message and calls to action are set, now you just need to think about how you will measure the success of your communications. To do this you will need to set Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that you want your direct mail campaign to hit. Depending on what you have chosen as your initial goals, you will be able to examine how your audience has interacted with your direct mail campaign. You will be able to determine what the response and conversion rates are with various methods and what your Return on Investment (ROI) has been.

Think about who in the company will manage responses and campaign feedback. Again, do you have the resources to handle tracking and monitoring results. If not companies like Forth, can offer end-to-end help with this and relay information to you on the successfulness of your direct mail campaign. Every campaign should be a chance to learn from your previous communications, so that you can continue to produce better results from your ongoing strategies.


By following these 3 above stages when planning your campaign, you will be able to focus on your message and who you want to communicate with. You will also be able to gage how successful the campaign has been and what you will need to tweak in further campaigns. By spending time planning your direct mail campaign, you can produce better results saving your company time, money, and resources.


We have produced a handy checklist that you can download here for planning your direct mail campaigns.


Forth has been delivering successful direct mail campaigns for over 19 years. We work with our clients to plan and produce campaigns that hit goals and effectively communicate with target audiences. With dedicated Account Managers our expert team can gather audience data and cleanse information to correspond with the right people at the right time. Our printing facility means we can produce, post and record returned mail aiding in updating audience information for you. We also offer digital services for response handling and producing detailed analysis and reports. Talk to one of our experts about your next direct mail campaign and how we can help.




Laura Grace
Content Marketing Executive

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