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June update from our MD

Dear all,

I hope that you are all starting to feel the relief of moving gradually out of lockdown.

At Forth we are seeing increased activity from our existing clients and new business opportunities as more organisations gather pace again. In particular, more clients are enquiring about our digital and multi-channel communication solutions, to enhance their customer engagement in a new, more “remote” digital environment. We are pleased to be offering these digital solutions to more clients, helping us to deliver genuinely end-to-end services. If you need help with your digital transformation, do get in touch with us.

Edinburgh office

Early last year we committed to remote working, furnishing all our staff with high spec mobile computing and migrating all our services to the cloud. The hoped for efficiencies have happened and we have now moved fully to a “work anywhere” capability.

Now when we meet up, and when we meet with you, we can choose the venue that suits best. Of course it does help that we have over 350 hotel clients with meeting and conference facilities to offer across the UK, Ireland and further afield.

We’ve learnt a lot of valuable lessons on this journey and we’d be happy to share with you – if you’ve any questions just ask.

Paper price increases

Due to Covid-19 restrictions on transportation and raw materials, we have heard from our suppliers that paper prices are due to rise. Our head of production Robert Lovie is working to find the most competitive prices for our clients: “The industry has experienced a number of paper price increases over the past few months. Here are Forth we are taking measures to mitigate these increases, such as reducing waste and buying stock material in larger quantities, this helps minimise the effect of these increases on our clients.”

New contracts

We are delighted to have won two significant new customer communication contracts, one in the pensions industry and the other in the health sector. We will be able to release more information on these soon but both have an element of migration to a blend of physical and digital channels. With every contract and tender won, we continue to strengthen and grow our knowledge and experience to the benefit of all our clients.

Getting in Touch

If we can help in any way with your own projects or mailing requirements, email and we will be delighted to give you our input.

With best wishes,


Laura Grace
Content Marketing Executive

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