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July MD update

Dear All,

With the Summer firmly here, I hope you are enjoying the hot weather and staying safe as the country opens and continues moving forward. This month our team are busy preparing to go live with the tenders that we have recently won and pursuing new tenders from the finance and pension industries.

FCA new consultation paper

This month saw the FCA releasing a new consultation paper CP21/13 which sets out clearer measures and expectations of duty of care within financial services. We have produced an article which focuses on the communication side of the paper and highlights how Forth is able to aid our clients and other companies with ensuring communication projects are delivered within the new guidance provided. Read the article here and contact us to see how we can help with your next project.


Our digital solutions and multichannel communication offerings have been gathering pace with our existing and new clients. Forth has the digital capability to send letters via email, SMS, print and to manage clients secure portals and provide dashboard support. Data and Management Information is a fantastic innovation that adds real value to our communication offerings. We can demonstrate how FTE could be redeployed and postage slashed by going digital and there is also the inbound mail opportunity too. Our clients typically move from 100% print and mail to 70% digital / 30% print in 9-12 months, which generates a saving of 50%+ on their print and mail costs.


At Forth we continually work towards bettering our operating systems. We do this by following guidelines and obtaining accreditations set out by regulatory bodies. Our Cyber security is fundamental to the services we supply, and we take this very seriously. We are already accredited to Cyber Essentials and are now working towards achieving Cyber Essentials Plus to give our clients even more confidence in Forth.


Also, as part of our ongoing commitment to the environment we are currently exploring carbon balancing as a business. We have already started doing this with some of our paper orders and will be setting some targets around this in the coming months. Carbon balancing is a way of measuring activities and offsetting or ‘balancing’ through investments of environmental schemes.

Here to help

If you would like more information on anything covered this month or on the digital communication services, we provide please get in touch by emailing

Best wishes,


Laura Grace
Content Marketing Executive

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