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3 Main Benefits of a Multichannel Communication Approach

Living in a digital world means there are numerous ways to communicate with your customers. This is where the benefits of a multichannel communication approach comes in. Traditional techniques of face-to-face, phone calls and mail, now need to be extended to include digital platforms. When communicating with customers it is important to find out what channels they prefer to use and adapt your communication approaches to adopt these.

Using this method of multichannel customer communication means numerous benefits not only for your customers, but for your company too. Here are the three main benefits that using this method will bring:

Better customer response

All communication is important to your customers and making sure that it reaches them is paramount. A multichannel approach means that when delivering the message, you can be sure that you have used all avenues for it to be viewed by the recipients.

The traditional techniques of communication are still beneficial to your marketing strategies, but these alone will not produce the results you are looking for. There are many reasons why your communication may be lost through these traditional methods, like incorrect mailing addresses or wrong phone numbers. Using direct mail alone may result in your message not reaching your customers. By sending your message through multiple channels including email, SMS and online portals, your customers will be notified and aware of the communication you are wanting to send.

This multichannel approach will then produce better response rates due to the fact the customer has received the correspondence through multiple touchpoints. Offering your customers the choice of how they want to be communicated with will also enhance customer loyalty and make them feel valued and heard.

Some customers will prefer hard copies to read, but some will want their communications to be digital. Being able to offer both is the way forward for continued customer service satisfaction.

Collecting data and analysis

By use of digital communication in your marketing mix, it makes it much easier to see which customers have seen which messages. Technology can track if an email has been opened, if a portal has been accessed and if a document has been downloaded. Depending on the communication you are sending this type of tracking, data and analysis may be needed to ensure your customers have received the correct information in designated timelines and through regulatory conditions.

Having a system that can document and show you in real-time when traditional and digital communications have been sent, received, and viewed is invaluable. Knowing what messages are working and if communication styles need to be changed, saves numerous hours of work for your team.

Saving time, money and the planet

Campaigns and communications are costly. There is the time and money spent to produce the communications in the beginning either in-house or outsourced. There is the printing and postage, then there is the time spent by your team collating returned customer feedback and enquiries.

Using a multichannel approach, means that time and money can be saved. Multichannel communication systems can be used to ensure customer data is correct, so printing and postage is not wasted when sending out information through direct mail. Also, having the ability to provide digital as well as traditional methods of communication means that some customers are more likely to switch over to online options. This can again be useful for saving time with the tracking and reporting of customer response and how enquiries are dealt with by customer service teams.

Multichannel and specifically digital, will not only save money but also move towards a more environmentally friendly way of communication, with less raw materials used, less carbon from production and less fuel used to deliver your messages. This mean your company will be able to show that it is consciously making an effort to protect the planet and lower the carbon footprint.

How can we help?

At Forth/Mail Metrics we offer our clients a unique multichannel solution for their communication needs. Our services and systems can produce traditional and digital communications within your selected budget, timelines and in line with regulatory bodies.

We offer reporting and tracking through our sophisticated software, allowing you to login to a privatised and customised dashboard to view real-time when your communications have been printed, posted/sent, and interacted with by your customers.

Due to our expansion Forth/Mail Metrics now have the ability to take on large communication projects producing 300,000 letters or packs a day. This coupled with our digital system, means we can save you money instead of outsourcing to multiple suppliers offering these services separately.

Contact us now to speak to one of our experts on how we can enhance the way you communicate with your customers through our multichannel approach.


Laura Grace
Content Marketing Executive

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