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September 2021 Update

Dear All,

As we continue to forge a new and exciting path for Forth/Mail Metrics/Persona, September has seen us busy with business as usual and strategic planning for the future. We have been contacting our clients to introduce them to the new improved digital services we are now able to offer for their communication needs. These new services form a complete multichannel platform experience for inbound and outbound correspondence, including automation and data dashboards. The digital services also offer a reduction on postage with a vision to move communication to a 30/70 digital split within 12 months. This means clients will not only save money in the form of production and postage but will also help save the environment with a reduced carbon footprint bringing them in line with COP26 predicted outcomes.

Meeting the team

We had the pleasure of meeting up face-to-face with several colleagues from Dublin, Edinburgh, and Bangor for the first time since becoming one team. It was great to have colleagues from Forth, Mail Metrics and Persona for a tour around our Northern Irish site and a strategic meeting on the future of the business and how we can combine our knowledge and expertise to offer even more to our clients.

New printing machinery

With the Mail Metrics also making acquiring Persona, a Dublin based printing company, we now have the capability to produce a far greater number of mailings than ever before. We are also making a purchase of a large printing machine within the next few months for our Bangor site. With this new machine and the other printers in our Dublin site we will now be able to produce around 400,000 packs a day, which means over 2,000,000 a week enabling us to take our production to the next level and offer our clients the same impeccable service on a much larger scale!

Part VII consultation papers

Consultation papers have recently been launched by the PRA and FCA highlighting change to the Part VII guidance notes previously released. These changes reflect legislative amendments that have been implemented as a result of Brexit. Having helped previous clients with their Part VII communications, we are in the position to understand these new proposals and with our added digital services offer expertise within a number of key proposals including the wider usage of digital communication methods. We can also ensure that “applicant firms have ‘done enough’ to identify statements made by applicants” by providing detailed data of all communication issued by the firm to policyholders both in postal form and by digital methods within timeframes provided by regulatory bodies.

Credit Unions

Autumn indicates that it’s Credit Union time, which means we work with numerous Credit Unions to produce and mail their AGM communications. From the initial customer data collection, to cleansing that data for inconsistencies, through to the production and mailing of these AGM communications, we are able to handle the whole process with ease and efficiency saving our clients time and money. If you would like to talk to one of our team about obtaining a quote for your next communication project, please get in touch.

Material costs

With Covid and Brexit still bringing news of material shortages and price increases, we are in the unique position of being able to operate across borders in the UK, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland. This means we can offer the most competitive costings for materials within and outside of the UK/EU which we pass on to our clients.

If you have any questions regarding our updates or the extended digital services we now offer please get in contact with us via

Best wishes,

Andrew O’Driscoll



Laura Grace
Content Marketing Executive

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