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October 2021 Update

Dear All,

October again showed no sign of slowing down and saw myself and Nick Keegan, CEO of Mail Metrics, visiting various clients demonstrating what our digital dashboard can do. We have been the busiest we have ever been and continue to grow from strength to strength pushing us forward for what looks set to be a record-breaking last quarter for us as a business.

Client meetings

We have had some great face-to-face meetings and it has been so good to get back out and speak to our clients in an office as opposed to from behind a computer screen. We have been demonstrating what our digital platform can do and how we will be able to transform communications to make it fully multi-channel for client’s customers. If you have not yet booked a demonstration and would like to take your communication to the next level saving time and money, please get in touch with your account manager.

CDP Disclosure

As a supplier for a larger client, we were delighted to be included in their commitment to sustainability and complete our CDP disclosure survey. CDP is a non-profit charity which runs a global disclosure system to help businesses manage their environmental impacts. The survey highlights direct and in-direct impacts on climate change and helps to understand what companies can do to reduce emissions and improvement areas to work on. At Forth/Mail Metrics we are continuously searching for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and become more environmentally friendly. We don’t see this as something to jump on the bandwagon with due to matters being in the news, we are building towards more environmentally friendly ways of working and being accredited with our ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems earlier in the year proves this.


This month the Government put out a response about simpler annual pension benefit statements and consolidating information onto one A4 sheet in a one-month period. Guy Opperman, Pensions minister, hopes that this will “usher in a new standard for how schemes communicate with their members.” With the development of the Pension Dashboard too, a lot of thought will need to go into pension communication in the next year and years to come. At Forth/Mail Metrics we have the knowledge and ability to take on large scale printing and digital communication projects. If you would like to talk to us regarding your pension communication and how we can help you stay within new regulations, please get in touch.


The countdown is now on for our new printing equipment to be installed at our Bangor site. With this in place and combined with the printers in our other sites we will be able to deliver over 1,000,000 packs a week! This means we will be able to take on much bigger jobs than ever before.

If you have any questions regarding any of our updates or would like the book a demonstration of our extended digital services we now offer please get in touch via

Best wishes,

Andrew O’Driscoll

Chief Operating Officer – UK


Laura Grace
Content Marketing Executive

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