ABC’s of Common Direct Marketing Terms – B

ABC’s of Common Direct Marketing Terms – B

With our A to Z glossary, we define some of the most commonly direct mail and direct marketing terms used in direct response marketing throughout the industry.

This weeks letter is – B 


Back Test: A test mailing designed to reproduce, and therefore confirm, the results of a recent direct mail test. Also called a retest or confirming test. Usually, run when the results of a test fall within an acceptable range but do not give the mailer enough confidence to roll-out to the entire list. 

Bar code: A coding structure printed/lasered on a mailing piece which is used for sortation by CPC or used for internal tracking. 

Batching: The gathering and organising of incoming orders. 

Bingo card: A response device used routinely by magazines where readers can request one or more pieces of additional information, by circling select numbers on a self-mailer card. 

Bind – in: A promotional response device with a reply or order form that is stitched directly into the spine of a magazine. 

Bleed: In printing, the extension of colour to the very edge of a page. The effect is produced by printing on over-sized paper and trimming to final size. 

Blind embossing: Stamping raised letters or images into paper using pressure and a die, but without using foil or ink to add colour to the raised areas. 

Blow – in: A loose promotional card inserted in a publication during the assembly process. 

Blueprint: A printer’s copy of direct mail material for review and possible correction before the final press run. So-called, because it is generally printed in blue ink. 

Body copy: The principal portion of the message without headlines or illustrations but including descriptions, benefits and features of the product or service. 

Brochure: A multi-page presentation of the offer which may include product or service descriptions, “sell” copy, benefits, features, pricing, discounts for quantity purchases, ordering instructions and a call-to-action. 

Bulk mail:Bulk mail is physical mail that is commercial in nature, prepared in large volumes, and mailed at reduced postage costs. Bulk mail may consist of letters, newsletters, pamphlets, and other similar products. 

Bulk Mail Centre (BMC): A highly mechanised mail processing plant that distributes Standard Mail in piece and bulk form. 

Business Reply Card (BRC): A card included in a mailing to simplify reader response. One side contains a response form that the donor completes, the other side features the return address and pre-paid postage. 

Business Reply Envelope (BRE): A self-addressed envelope whose postage is paid for by the organization that prints it. 


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