ABC’s of Common Direct Marketing Terms – D

ABC’s of Common Direct Marketing Terms – D

With our A to Z glossary, we define some of the most commonly direct mail and direct marketing terms used in direct response marketing throughout the industry.

This week’s letter is – D


Database: A collection of tables which often includes forms for entering data, rules for checking and validating data that which has been entered, and the format for creating informative reports.

Data Capture: The entry of data records onto a computer file.

Data Enhancement: Improving the quality of the data i.e. Changing the casing of the data, improving the postcode, breaking up the salutation field into Title, Initial, Surname, and much more.

Data Entry: Entering names and addresses into a computer one at a time from printed or handwritten material.

Data Processing: Actions taken on data files such as sortation, file formatting, generating salutations, suppression, deduplication etc. (check out Data Processing – Stages and Definitions)

Data Record: An individual entry within a computer file containing – in mailing terms – the name and address plus demographic data of the person named within the record. A group of records makes a data file.

Demographics: Socio-economic characteristics pertaining to a geographic unit (city, postal codes, group of households, education, ethnicity, income level, etc.)

Digital proof: An off-press colour proof produced from digital data without the need for traditional separation films.

Drop rate: The calendar date, generally determined at the time of scheduling the campaign, when the direct mail package is due for delivery to CPC.

Dummy (mock-up): A diagram or representation which indicates how the promotional piece will appear when printed and ready for mailing.

Dump: The printed display of a data file or a portion of that data file for purposes of reviewing data prior to personalisation.

Dupes (de-dupe): Two or more identical names and addresses on the same mailing list. To achieve cost efficiencies remove duplicate names (de-dupe) must be performed.

Duplication elimination: A database cleansing process which provides that no matter how many times a name and address is on a list, and how many lists contain that name and address, it will be accepted for mailing only once by that mailer. Also referred to a “dupe elimination”.

Duplex lasering: A laser printing term that indicates two-sided imaging (front and back of the promotional piece)


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