Hybrid Mail: Reasons It Can Help Your Business

Hybrid Mail: Reasons It Can Help Your Business

Wondering if Hybrid Mail is right for your business? Here’s just a few of the benefits businesses have enjoyed since starting to use For-Mail, the Hybrid Mail solution from Forth Communication:


Simplicity – Upheaval or change to current and established processes can sometimes be a worry.  With For-Mail, you should see no disruption to your current operations, just prepare your letters as normal and they can be posted immediately – all you need to do is hit print!


Cost-effective – It’s estimated that a Hybrid Mail system can save businesses up to 60% on their current mailing costs! The average industry cost to send a black single-sided letter is 97p, including postage. Sending the same letter through For-Mail will cost 49p*. Saving you 49% from the first letter you send!


Time-saving – Your savings aren’t just on your consumables. A Hybrid mail solution can free up numerous hours of staff time spent stuffing envelopes, or yelling at jammed office printers, for more important tasks.


Reduce Waste & Carbon Footprint – All our paper and card is FSC Certified, you’ll never have to worry about where your materials are sourced while reducing the wastage of keeping paper, envelopes, and ink or toner stocks in your office. On top of that, a Free Postcode Address File (PAF) matching service, incorrect addresses are completed, eliminating undelivered mail due to inaccurate addresses.


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