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Hybrid Mail | Who’s using it?


Many forms of Hybrid Mail have been around for years; in more recent years the whole concept has begun to take off. We wanted to take a broad look at Hybrid Mail services throughout the rest of the world to see who else is utilising this solution to get cheaper and more efficient mail.


In it’s most basic form, Hybrid Mail is a service that allows it’s users to send mail electronically to the service providers mailing house.  Once received, the provider then physically prints, packs and posts the users mail according to the users preferences (i.e. first or second class, black or colour letter) which they state when sending their mail electronically.

The many benefits of Hybrid Mail include, a cheaper price to send a letter.  Due to economies of scale the provider gets the cheapest postage prices.  They are then able to offer the full service of providing the paper and envelopes, along with printing and packing the letters for a lot less than it would cost the user to do it themselves. For the user it is also a lot more convenient to have their mail printed, packed and posted for them, saving staff time for more important things. Hybrid Mail is also a lot better for the environment. With a great need for many businesses to still send letters rather than emails, having everything done by a Hybrid Mail provider reduces the likes of office waste, unnecessary trips to suppliers and the post office to deliver mail and the running of printers and franking machines.


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In 2008 major Hybrid Mail providers were starting to emerge providing services mainly throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

 Moving into 2010, Deutsche Post, Germany launched their own Hybrid Mail service.

With Hybrid Mail snowballing in the UK by 2011, the Isle of Man launched their own service.

Continuing on the success, moving into 2012, councils throughout the UK had recognised the benefits and need for Hybrid Mail. This developed into many Hybrid Mail contracts being awarded to suppliers.

Moving into 2013, Polish Post launched Envelo, their own Hybrid Mail service.  Near the end of the same year we launched our Hybrid Mail solution, For Mail in Northern Ireland also providing services for the whole of the UK.

With more and more countries developing Hybrid Mail services, Brazil, Russia and China looked to Poste Italiane to help them develop their services in 2014.

We are just a couple of months into 2015 and with millions of businesses worldwide now having access to Hybrid Mail, the real question is when? When will you starting using a Hybrid Mail service instead of printing, packing and posting your own mail?


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