On your marks, get set, Christmas!

If you haven’t even started thinking about planning your Christmas campaign yet – then do it NOW. Seriously. With just under 3 months to go, already John Lewis have their Christmas section on their website, Selfridges have opened their Christmas shopping department and only yesterday I saw Marks & Spencer unload a crate of boxes with Christmas novelty sweets in them. Whilst I love Christmas, I settled for chocolate eyeballs from the Halloween section – compromise can be difficult!

Your Christmas campaign should go live at least 6 weeks before Christmas Day. That means all your designs, content and materials need to be sourced and ready to go before then. We’ve compiled a helpful timeline to help you create your Christmas campaign in just 4 weeks:


  • Who are you targeting your campaign towards? Businesses or consumers? Compile a list (check it twice) of who you want to reach and conduct a targeted search to make sure you will be reaching the right audience.
  • Now you have decided who to target your campaign towards, have you decided which materials you’ll need? Christmas cards? Posters? Leaflets? For a direct mail campaign especially, Christmas is definitely not the time to cut corners. Ensure your supplier is reliable, punctual and offers a quality printing service. After all, your Christmas campaign is your last chance of the year to grab customers’ attention, so make it a good one!


  • Get your creative hat on! Firstly, think about the theme of your campaign. This will depend on who you’re targeting your campaign towards. Create 3-4 different designs you can put onto your marketing materials and attach CTA’s to each design.


  • Schedule your campaign. For-Mail and For-Email have built in calendars to schedule when to send out your campaigns. You might even want to segment your data and do a split send scattered across different times of the day, week or even month in order to analyse your campaign at the beginning of next year to see who responds and when.


  • You have everything designed, scheduled and targeted. You can now breathe a sigh of relief – you’ve survived the first dosage of Christmas! All that’s left to do now is your usual campaign admin. Set up your sales trackers and campaign analysis documents so they’re all ready to be filled in as and when you witness successes from your campaign.

Now your campaign is ready to be launched in perfect time for Christmas!