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Strategic Planning and Decision Making

Thanks to data, you’re probably in the strongest position to gain essential insight into your business and customers today.

The wide range of attainable data for even the smallest companies if used correctly can provide valuable insights. This, therefore, helps your business survive and thrive in a competitive marketplace.

However, accessing this is only the first hurdle to generating effective insight. Because understanding what information you really need and how you manage that data on an ongoing basis is essential, we ensure that the decisions you make are the right ones.

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Effective communication relies on accuracy, our services help you get the most from your data.

Data Processing


Your data can be taken in any format to be screened, cleaned and enhanced.  As a result, having it cleaned ensures it is of the highest quality.

Data Analysis


Clean data allows you to make accurate and meaningful evaluations. Because we use pivot tables and sophisticated routines; anomalies, trends and patterns of activity are highlighted. This assists in planning and decision making.

Data Capture


We capture both mailing goneaways and email bounce backs; capturing these will, therefore, help you maintain accurate records.

Purchasing Data


Through analysis, we can source the data that allows you to reach new potential customers.  There are also a wide variety of lists available, including business or consumer, mail, telephone, email and fax lists. All GDPR compliant.

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Secure File Transfer

With data security being of utmost importance, we developed our own secure file transfer site.

For-Files (Forth Blue)

Secure HTTP Socket Layer


For-Files has 2048-bit SSL encryption. This SSL certification is verified by Thawte, a globally recognized certificate authority with root certificates used in as much as 99% of browsers.

Regular Backups


We take regular back-ups of the system and secure them in an off-site location. This is done because the continued security and integrity of For-Files is vital to it’s success.

Security by Design


For-Files has a high-level security design. Due to its relationship with Forth’s authorisation system, and how it operates through role-based accounts, it ensures that system workflows are secure.

Actions logged


Log your actions within For-Files. From login to sending files, the administrators of the system are consequently able to track using usernames and/or IP addresses.

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