Direct Marketing

From the financial sector to retail, we know that a well executed piece of direct mail can really help in individual campaigns, or as part of an integrated omnichannel approach.

The power of Direct Marketing


of direct mail received in the UK is opened.



of recipients say that receiving mail makes them feel more valued by a brand.



of UK adults took action on the back of receiving direct mail in 2018


went on to make a purchase


used a voucher, coupon or redeemed an offer


tried a new product or service


made a subsequent enquiry by phone

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Direct mail endures

Direct mail has a longer life, delivering repeated impressions over an extended period of time, due to remaining in the home.

With 39% of people reporting that they have dedicated display areas for keeping mail, the value over time for direct mail can be significant.

17 days

average retention of advertising mail

38 days

average retention for ‘door drops’

45 days

average retention for bills and statements

Integrating Online & Offline

By combining well timed direct marketing campaigns with online activities you can maximise the likelihood of achieving your desired result.


prefer companies to use a combination of both mail and email.


influenced to make online purchases after receiving direct mail


driven to online or digital activity as a result of receiving direct mail

Increased Spend

25% increase in spend from customers on average when combining direct mail and email marketing

Increased ROI

Online campaigns combined with direct mail deliver increased ROI, more brand awareness, and an enhanced customer experience

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Our roots are in the print industry and to this day we still provide mailings for many of our clients, producing up to 150,000 mail packs per day, both as individual campaigns or as part of an omnichannel strategy.