Response to Royal Mail Announcement 28 April 2020

Response to Royal Mail Announcement 28 April 2020

Dear All

As we continue working under the lockdown measures to combat the novel coronavirus, I hope that you, your colleagues and family are remaining safe and healthy.

Saturday deliveries halted

As announced on 28 April, Royal Mail will be temporarily stopping delivery of letters on a Saturday. They will continue to provide a letter delivery service from Monday to Friday as normal, while all Special Delivery, Tracked, all non-account services and most other parcels will continue to be delivered on a Saturday across the country.

We know this change to the Royal Mail service may mean a temporary delay in some of our clients’ mail reaching its recipients, but we’ll keep you informed and propose any possible tweaks to timescales to help mitigate this.

While any impact on delivery is of course regrettable, we certainly recognise the vital service that Royal Mail provides in keeping our country connected. Royal Mail is taking these steps to ensure they continue to do so, while keeping their staff safe, during these unprecedented times.

You can view the latest information from Royal Mail here and if you have any concerns please contact your Forth account manager or email

MailMark Sortation

Forth processing now incorporates Royal Mail’s MailMark sortation routines. This feeds your mail efficiently into Royal Mail work flows and allows tracing from point of collection at our facilities, through to final delivery. With this in place we can ensuring that we are operating as effectively as possible in making sure your critical communications reach their recipients.

Continuing operations

As mentioned in my previous update, Forth is continuing normal operations and maintaining our normal service levels at our Bangor production facility, as we continue to operate in line with public health guidelines.

As always, thank you for your continued support and if you require any further information, or we can be of any assistance please do not hesitate to contact me or to email us at

With best regards

Richard Bolton

Managing Director