The Value of Direct Mail in the Time of Coronavirus

The Value of Direct Mail in the Time of Coronavirus


The current Coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses to rapidly change how they operate. In late March the Government issued guidelines stating that where possible everyone should work remotely and pubs, restaurants, and retail stores (to name a few) should temporarily close.

Businesses have had to react and communicate updates to their customers about changes to operating hours, the temporary closures of offices or to offer reassurance of continued operation during the pandemic.

Not only are there now these unexpected, additional communication requirements on businesses, there is still the need for ‘business as usual’ and business critical communication with your customers, with many companies having mandatory or regulatory commitments to meet.

As most of the population is staying at home throughout the UK & Ireland many businesses are starting to see the value, and benefit, of adopting or continuing to use mail to communicate with their customers during this difficult time.


Direct Mail during a crisis

The benefit of direct mail in a time of crisis lies in its tangibility and longevity. The ability to literally get your brand and your message into the hand of your customer at a time like this should not be underestimated. With widely reported disinformation being spread online, messages in print are more likely to make it through the noise and be taken seriously.

As outlined in Royal Mail’s Private Life of Mail study psychological experiments showed that people place greater value in what they can see and touch by 24% compared to something they can only see.

Additionally, 38% of mail recipients say that the physical properties of their post influences how they feel about the sender. The production values of direct mail can reinforce the value of your brand to your customer in a deep and intuitive way.

It is this tangibility that encourages the longevity enjoyed by direct mail as a communication medium. Studies undertaken by Royal Mail MarketReach showed that 40% of people display, or have a dedicated place for, the mail they receive in their home – whether that is a coffee table, unit in the hallway or other location.

One quarter of the mail that is received is also shared with others in the household, as well as remaining in the household for an average of 17 days, giving real staying power and multiple opportunities for your communication to be seen, whether it is a unique message in response to the current pandemic, a regulatory policyholder mailing or a statement.

With the amount of time your customers will be spending at home, the brand benefit, longevity and ability to convey complex messages (whether that’s a coronavirus related communication or on-going business requirement) should not be underestimated.


We’re here to help

Over the past few weeks, we have been contacted by many businesses to ask how Forth can help with both the change to home based working, as well as continuing customer communications during this difficult time. You can read our MD’s update on what we’re seeing and how we are helping here.

If you would like to understand more about how we can help you differently during this time, please do not hesitate to get in touch here, or by emailing