Tony Ninja

Sometimes here at Mailing Solutions we just love a story, an anecdote, something to break the day and put a smile on our face and here is one such story…

Nigel Thrumpton looks like any other postal worker as he goes about his job. He parks his Nisan Micra at the start of his round, drags his heavy mail bag from the boot and starts delivering letters to the good people of Hemel Hempstead. He seems like a happy chap and he whistles the first two lines of whatever song he heard last on the car radio, over and over, for the next three hours as he goes about the business of delivering the post.

But Nigel Thrumpton has a secret. A secret that, until now, has been hidden from public view. For Nigel Thrumpton is none other than a colleague of the Ninja Postman.

Nigel has decided to tell his story, that of Tony Maxwell – The Ninja Postman.

“I first met Tony Maxwell, or rather Tony Ninja as he is now known, when we were training together at Postal College. I was learning the ropes on my GNVQ in Postal Operations, and Tony Ninja was my mentor, my jedi master as it were. He was studying for a Master’s in Advanced Mail Techniques and Kendo.”

Nigel says the training was tough under Tony Ninja. “He would drop me off in one of the villages in the HP postcode area with nothing but a bag of unsorted mail and a local street map. I would have to deliver the post while Tony laid various traps and tests for me along the route”.

“Once, I saw a Post Office pen sitting on the path. I went to pick it up when Tony suddenly appeared above me swinging a set of nunchucks. He must have been hiding up on the pylon since before it got light, disguised as a backup transformer. My concussion was short-lived, but when I got out of the hospital, someone had secretly delivered all my direct marketing leaflets for me”.

“On another occasion he set up a tripwire along a line in the pavement, connected to a sprung frame of sharpened stakes, treated with an untraceable nerve toxin. Luckily I got called home to attend to problem with my grass, otherwise I would have been toast”

Okay okay, its probably not true, but we bet it made you smile.