What’s the B word?

Bureaucracy? Ballot? … Bored?

Alas no, in this case, Brexit, however all the other ‘B’ words here can also be applied to the subject of Britain’s exit from the European Union.

You may be thinking ‘Oh no, not more about Brexit…’

Don’t close this blog just yet, bear with us, it’s actually quite good, well we think so…

Truth is we don’t know what’s going to happen, you don’t know what’s going to happen.  What we can say is that at least everyone is in the same boat. Some will understand better than others what it all means, but at the moment no one can be really sure of the outcome.

The best we can all do is prepare ourselves and educate ourselves enough to understand the basics of each outcome whatever that is. Let’s quickly break it down as in reality there are just 4 options.


  1. Deal

An amicable deal where both parties are satisfied with the terms. The ideal arrangement being to stay close to the EU but take control of our own laws, money and borders.

  1. No deal

No ties with the EU where our exports and dealings with the rest of the European Union would be subject to customs, checks, taxes etc under WTO rules just like the relationship countries like the USA have with the EU.

  1. Stay in the EU

Nothing changes, potentially embarrassing for all involved, and could lead to a general election as Article 50 would need to be stopped (the article that triggered the whole process back in March 2017).

  1. Another referendum

Basically, ask the people again. Although radical some say it’s the only choice, however this could be anything from a vote on whether we leave or not, or on the deal negotiated between the UK government and the EU.


What else do we know about the number four?

4 seasons…

4 horsemen of the apocalypse…

4 corners of the world…

4 leaf clover…

However, the four things we really wanted to let you know about though is that whatever happens with Brexit, and it is likely to happen quickly, when you need to communicate with your customers we are;


  1. Here for you
  2. Able to adapt to your requirements
  3. Quick and responsive
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